About us

Square Space KK was founded on the idea to inspire others to build their dreams by giving them a SPACE as a platform for it.
Everyone has dreams, but not everyone may have the right space or time to build their dreams.

Hence, Square Space KK offers not only a space to use but more importantly – FLEXIBILITY. Square Space KK offers unparalleled flexibility for users and this subsequently gives user a sense of ownership over the space, allowing for a better user experience and growth towards their dreams.

So are you ready to build your dream?

Who we are

We are a team that founded Square Space KK in 2017 with the aim of creating a studio space where individuals or enterprising companies at any size can thrive.

What we deliver

By delivering exceptional user experiences, we strive to ensure that every one of our customer has a flexible space as a platform to build their dreams.

Our values

Open, welcoming, flexible, versatile, efficiency, and value growth – our team is passionate about empowering and encouraging users in their endeavors.

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